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Although this novel is presented as a collection of poems, it blurs the line between poetry and prose.

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It reads as a novel and the reader can be excused for skipping over the title of each poem to race through the story. Kasienka examines her own flaws, selfishness, and that in itself makes her a stronger, more admirable character. You are forced into her shoes and her unflinching insight into her own life and the lives of others.

In a way, the novel can be treated as snapshot scenes, where the reader fills in the gaps. By leaving the novel open to so much suggestion, while intimating at what might have happened, this makes it all the more powerful, as the story becomes reliant on the tone, and the tone resonates with emotion. There were many of them. The article caused a great sensation. Letters were written to the Press. No man knows who his friends are till he is in trouble.

Gosse had always recognized the hostility of the Henley group, but many whom he had thought his friends had been secretly envious of his success and now joined the chorus of contumely. His income dropped. Editors were no longer so anxious to employ his pen. Gosse never got over the attack. It affected his entire conduct. He became hypersensitive to criticism. Warm-hearted and affectionate by nature he was on his guard against betrayal, considering it disloyal of a friend to praise in print someone whom he held to be an enemy.

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With most of his friends, during the s there were periods of estrangement when something written or repeated had been misunderstood. My father shared an experience that was nearly universal. He had written an article that rather pleased him, and in the course of casual talk mentioned it to Gosse, saying he would like him to look at it.

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This attack was the work of a man who would otherwise be forgotten, who was jealous when Camden was promoted over his head to be Clarenceux King-of-Arms. Is Churton Collins remembered today for anything except his attack on Gosse?

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The incident has its significance in literary history. It shows that attacks are soon forgotten provided the object of them continues to produce works of quality. There is only one answer to attack, to write a better book next time. My brother Evelyn and myself—Evelyn was born in October —were brought up in an atmosphere not only of books but of professional writing. My father was convivial and hospitable. But he was asthmatic and in consequence reluctant to go out at night in winter. In later years his deafness made him avoid large gatherings, but he loved having his friends round him.

Most Sundays there would be visitors. Occasionally one or two would stay on to supper. Writers provide material for gossip. The reader forms a mental picture of his favourite author. I was brought up to think of literature as a profession, almost as a trade. There did not seem to me to be anything peculiar about a man being a writer. On the contrary, it seemed to me to be a most natural occupation. As a schoolboy I was read poetry by my father almost every evening; I have seldom heard poetry read as well, and never better; I heard much talk of publishing and the auction-room of letters, but I am surprised, in retrospect, that so few authors should have come out to Under-hill.

This was in part because of his resolve to forget his office in his home at night, and partly in order to keep business and friendship separate. He had a great distaste for calculated hospitality. He wants me to send a MS. The Ipswich Press, which he managed, was every bit as good and no more expensive than any other firm. He did not until his very last years have an entertainment expense account. To him the home was sacrosanct. The only two of his authors whom I remember meeting as a schoolboy were E.

Temple Thurston and Desmond Coke. Both of these had special and different reasons for making an appeal to me.


In my eyes he was no more than an agreeable and elegant eccentric. It was not till later that I came to recognize him as an insistent individualist, who got his way by passive resistance, a rebel who did not rebel, a nonconformist who did not challenge the conformity of others. Graceful and good looking, with a gracious voice, he had the air of an Etonian; but his family had entered him for Winchester, where he failed to pass the College entrance examination, a thing that it was not difficult to do.

The educational standard at Winchester has always been exceptionally high; and he had come to Sherborne because our headmaster Nowell Charles Smith was a Wykehamist. He was what was described in those days as well connected. His background was a wealthy one, but he never displayed his ampler means. He had a contented nature, because he had interior resources.

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Nor Many Waters first appeared in This novel is typical Alec Waugh in its charm and grace, and its shrewd perception of human emotions and. Title: Nor Many Waters (Bloomsbury Reader) Author(s): Alec Waugh ISBN: 1- / (UK edition) Publisher: Bloomsbury Reader.

He could be perfectly happy, provided that no one interfered with him. He was resolved to enjoy his five years at Sherborne, in his own way. He was physically strong and became one of the best swimmers in the school, but he did not want to play cricket or Rugby football. In the end, house captains ceased to post him on cricket and football sides, and he was able to spend a couple of afternoons every week reading in the library. The O.

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He was not a classical scholar; he never reached the sixth, but he spoke excellent French. The wife of the drawing master was a Frenchwoman, and he used to give weekly tea parties in his study where only French was spoken. He interfered with no one and no one interfered with him. He wore his hair a little longer than was officially approved, but no one told him he must get it cut. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Gosse is far from forgotten, even now.

Critical articles constantly refer to his writings and to his personality. For over forty years he was influential in the world of letters.

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Nobody could have been better fitted to give a young man like my father his first chances.