Lenfant (contes sans détours t. 1) (French Edition)

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Le Comte et Fernand - Tous deux qu'ils soient maudits!! Barren mountains under a purple sky; a fire is burning in the middle of the stage. It is dawn. Scene I Azucena sits by the fire, Manrique sits besides her, wrapped in his cloak; a gypsy band is scattered about. Gypsies - A new day is born Look at that sight! Night's veil has been lifted from the earth. Like a widow who lays aside her mourning, Nature casts aside a sombre mystery! To work, quick! To work! They take up some hammers and start striking rhythmically on anvils. What helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, Who lifts the sorrow from his heart?

The gypsy maiden! The men give their cups to the women, who fill them up. Pour out, fill up the cup With generous wine! Let's drink up gaily and be happy! At the break of a beautiful day let's double our courage! Quick, to work!

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Plus d'espoir! Azucena - Mon Dieu! Laissez-vous toucher! Comique et politique chez les modernes et les anciens. Les vacances sauvages : Camper en famille au plus proche de la nature.

Who helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, The gypsy maiden! The gypsies gather around Azucena. Azucena - The flames are glowing the crowds Run closer, like a rolling wave. A humble woman walks by in chains, She is lead to her death The knell tolls and of the cruel stake The enormous flames Rise To the sky! The flames are glowing, and the victim, Pale, at death's door, finally arrives.

A scream breaks forth, The echo carries it and repeats it The knell tolls Gypsies - Your song is sad Azucena - Less sombre than the story Etched on my memory Aside to Manrique Vengeance! A gypsy man - My friends!

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Listen to me! We must earn our daily bread, Let's go! That road Leads to town They pick up their tools and walk down the slope on the repeat of the chorus. Who helps Their singing fades away. What is that terrible story? Azucena - Even you do not know it? Yes your youth makes you sensitive only to glory You have no other concern. It was the story of your ancestress.

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On, my son, will you believe me? A haughty count falsely accused her Of having cast a spell On a child! Azucena - That is where they dragged her, In tears, in chains, Unfortunate victim Sentenced to the stake! Followed by me at a distance, At the hour of her death, My dear mother Saw me and blessed me A savage horde Blocked my way; And then with angry shouts They insulted her At her last hour "Vengeance!

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Azucena - One day I stole the Count's son. Oh heaven! A crime! Azucena - How he was crying! Poor victim! My heart, torn, throbbing, Softened a little Suddenly I was filled with fear! A mournful ghost Rose in front of my eyes It tormented me without respite A raving I reached out my trembling hand And in the flames I threw the victim and fulfilled my promise The vision faded and quickly passed Only the fire gleamed, and the flames were empty I turned my fearful eyes To look.

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What did I see? Azucena - It was my own son I had cast into the flames! Day of crime and of wrath! It was my own son! That I myself had burned! Oh, terror!

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Azucena - Oh, fateful mistake! My hair stood on end for the horror! Then who am I? Azucena - It is you, my son! Azucena - Yes, I tell you, it is I. When those horrible memories Come back to me, My spirit gets lost in wild ravings again. Dont'you know how much I love you? Azucena - It is I That protected your childhood.

That night, have you forgotten it? On the battlefield I retraced your steps fearlessly. To come and save you I summoned all my courage. They told me you were dead My tender care restored you to life, I saved your youth, stolen from my love. But I fell as a brave man, facing the enemy! Alone, amid my scattered troops I faced the enemy. Count de Luna, my rival, Spurring his horse, Was fast upon me, I fell down, wounded by his lance-thrust. Azucena - Yet in a duel You once spared the Count's life, Your arm was about to strike him With a mortal blow.

You let him go That villain! I do not know. Azucena - Fool! Aside How strange, this pity! Under my death-threatening dagger My enemy lay helpless When suddenly a mysterious fright Seized me And my arm was held back I shuddered Fatal instant! A chill ran through my body, Then a mournful and tender voice From heaven Cried out: Have pity an him!

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Would the Count's noble heart Have been so generous? I wish for him a disgraceful Death, a dreadful fate!

Should he ever dare challenge you again, You must kill him. Your avenging dagger Pierce that rogue's heart! No pity! No hesitation! Azucena - Avenge us and be victorious Strike him with your victorious sword. Who is it? Azucena aside - Vengeance!

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Scene III The above, the messenger. Messenger giving him a letter - Read this, and you will know.

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The city has been taken! But a rumour that you are dead Has spread after our victory.

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Ready my horse for me. Messenger - Right away. Azucena blocking his way - Do not go I shall join you Azucena - What is troubling you? Azucena - Why are you leaving?