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To try to bribe a person. When two cowards fight, he who attacks conquers. There is a time to attack, and a time to retreat. To be content with the present state of things.

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That is a very old story, or thing. To close, or agree with one. To have a confused recollection. Those who attain prosperity often forget the day of small things.

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Arrugar la frente. Through carelessness, by whom on the ship I do not know, the attempt to barter for some food led to the result that follows. To be sad, or merry. Acostarse con las gallinas. L Knapp, H.

To tune instruments. The ox that gored me threw me into a better place ; apparent evil of- ten leads to good. Helpless people are often insulted by their inferiors. Pinched with hunger. To think better of it. To fall on either side said of a bal- ance. Those who trust incompetent per- sons will suffer for it.

To go to bed with the chickens, early.

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Buy Hambre (Olvidados nº 2) (Spanish Edition): Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - zudisclohase.ga Buy Mentiras (Olvidados nº 3) (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - zudisclohase.ga Hambre (Olvidados nº 2) (Spanish Edition). Michael Grant.

Acotar estorbos. Los acreedores me acribillan. Acudir al reclamo. Adelantar como el cangrejo. La verdad adelgaza, pero no quie- bra. Adentellar una pared. Adivino de Valderas, cuando corren las canales que se mojan las car- reras. Administrador que administra, y en- fermo que se enjuaga, algo traga. Afanar, afanar, y nunca medrar. Afanarse por nada. Go to bed supperless, and you will wake without debt.

I commend myself to God. To avoid obstacles. My creditors torment me. She paints, and tries to conceal her age. To reach one's goal. To hoard up money. Brothers- and sisters-in-law are al- ways at variance. To charge a person with a capital crime. To file a complaint. To feel remorse.

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Forward with the cross! To retrograde. To advance like a crab. The truth may be hidden for a time, but is sure to be divulged. To leave toothing stones or bricks by which to continue a wall. To take a prejudiced view ; to be biased. Wonderful discovery, that when the sun has set, the donkey is left in the shade. Money is apt to stick to the fingers of trustees. A remedy, in order to be effectual, should be applied promptly. Ill-gotten gains never prosper. Much toil and little profit. To fidget. Afilar el ingenio. Aflojar las riendas.

Aforrar una casa. Aforrar un cabo. Agarrarse de un pelo. Agarrarse de un clavo ardiendo. Agotar la paciencia. Si la vista no me agrada, no me aconsejes nada. Aguzar las orejas. Aguzar los dientes. Piedra sin agua, no aguza en la fragua. Ahilarse el vino. Ahogar los odios. For whom does the wife of the blind man dress? Powder and paint are worn to con- ceal defects. To give one's mind to. Very fond of the l Ottle.

To make a great effort for a special purpose. To make an intelligent effort ; to sharpen one's wits.

To stop working for needful rest. To rest or refresh one's self by enter- tainment. To relax watchfulness or authority. To ceil a house. To serve a cable nau. To support an opinion ; to furnish an excuse ; to split hairs. To avail one's self of an influential protector. To seize a red-hot nail ; to take any means, however dangerous, to accomplish one's object. To discuss a question warmly. To weary one's patience. If the appearance does not satisfy me, you cannot persuade me. A little every day amounts to much in a year. To be patient ; to resign one's self.

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Time and tide wait for no man. To sharpen the wit, or sight.

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To prick up the ears ; to listen intently. To whet the appetite. Nothing is to be gained without the use of proper means. To turn, and grow ropy applied to wine. To for2;et enmities. Ahogarse el grano. Ahogarse de gente.

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No ahorrarse con nadie ; ni con su padre. La miseria ahuyenta amigos.

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Agitarse con su conciencia. Alabar sus agujetas.

source Alabar sus agujas.