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I commennted to the professor that today looks like a perfect day for severe weather;but he disagreed. When I left class about PM. I was in the tornado that happened in Pleasant Hill that day. I was in the first grade in the elementary school. My oldest brother was in the high school and he had ran down to the elementary school after the hits. I remember everything from that day.


To develope the curve mathematically would require a knowledge of the exact quantity of water in the river, the shape of its bed, and the hardness of the rock or shore; and even with these data, the problem would be one which no mathematician could solve but approximatively. In the one large room inside the door where we had entered stood dozens of adults and kids, many of whom were talking loudly with more than a few crying. Seeing enough, we headed back to M-7 and north - past the police roadblock that had now been set up with a growing line of civilian vehicles, emergency and news crews trying to get into town- and headed back to K. Palgrave Macmillan, The pursuit of this subject belongs properly, however, to the investigation of the higher branches of composition, matters which it would be quite useless to treat of in this book; and I only allude to them here, in order that you may understand how the utmost nobleness of art are concerned in this minute work, to which I have set you in your beginning of it. New members of our society of lifelong cloud watchers. You would also incapacitate yourself from ever understanding what truly great work was, or what Nature was; but by the earnest and complete study of facts, you will gradually come to understand the one and love the other more and more, whether you can draw well yourself or not.

I also remember "the guy" on the chair in the church where we were picked up by my mom and her neighbor. My dad had seen the tornado hit both schools that day. Now I chase them. Go figure. Well hey Mark- get ahold of me! I'm still chasing sorta but have quite the suite of wx info here if YOU go chasing. Things were crazy and I just felt someone had to take some control.

God Bless Mark and I remember the Pleasant Hill, Missouri tornado very well. Shortly before noon I was asked to drive to Harrisonville to pick up some parts at a machine shop. As was customary, I grabbed a truck from the used car lot, and headed off to Harrisonville. The truck I selected didn't have a radio, so when it started to rain, I didn't have a way to monitor the storm, other than visual observation.

As I arrived in Pleasant Hill on 58 Highway, the rain had become quite heavy.

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As I turned onto 7 Highway headed south toward Harrisonville the rain had continued to be very heavy. A short distance south of Pleasant Hill the wind began to really blow the rain across my windshield. As I looked to the west I could see a large funnel cloud coming diagonally from the southwest to the northeast.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. As the daughter of history buffs, George spent a great deal. Escape From Ruskin Heights [Dana George] on Start reading Escape From Ruskin Heights (Ruskin Heights Series Book 1) on your Kindle in.

It appeared to be only a few hundred yards away. Because I was headed south, and the tornado was to my west, I didn't feel as though I was in any eminent danger, so I continued 7 Highway to Harrisonville.

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As I arrived in Harrisonville the streets were completely empty and the sun was bright against a blue sky. It had stopped raining, however, it was apparent a large storm had just passed through. The front door to the machine shop was locked and as I banged on the door, the employees slowly rose from behind the counters where they had taken cover.

They told me they had taken cover when the sirens sounded and I told them I had just seen the tornado. I had to wait almost an hour before the parts were ready. I loaded them into the truck and headed back toward Warrensburg. Somehow I was let through since I was headed to Warrensburg. I as passed the manufacturing facility next to the highway along 58 I could see that several pieces of the metal siding and roofing were missing.

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At the time, I had no idea of the total devastation to the town of Pleasant Hill. I probably missed being at the intersection of 7 and 58 highways when the tornado hit by only minutes. Great holidays to you and yours- -"Groucho". I was in the high school that day, and it's a day I will never forget! I was in the 8th grade. We went into the hall and sat facing the lockers. I was by the door to the classroom I had been in. Desks and all objects were being sucked out into the hall and out the roof that was no longer there.

The girl next to me was a tiny thing, and I could feel her being lifted off the floor so I laid over her to keep her from flying away. He knew there were no fatalities in the school but he also knew he had myself and my older brother in that school. When he saw the school he said "I knew that no one had died and still my heart came up into my throat" For the longest time I feared tornados, but that has changed. I know if it happens there is nothing I can do to stop them, just take cover!

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I was in the Sedalia tornado that day It was one of the schools that was closed afterwards. I remember the sky became dark as night and glass flying everywhere. We weren't allowed to leave school that day afterwards either My mother worked at the shoe factory on the west edge of Sedalia and rode the storm out there. It was right in the path of that tornado It is amazing what an 8 year old can remember when it is something that truamatic. I have definately respected the power of a tornado ever since, yet am completely fascinated with them.

I was also in the tornado that hit Pleasant Hill.. I remember the sound of it when it hit the school and the absolute darkness that followed. Spent the next day wandering around on Country Club Drive climbing over the debris What a great account of this frightful day! My husband lived in Drexel and I lived in Sedalia when this hit. I was Nine and my house was damaged. The 2 car garage behind us was on top of our house and the house next to that was completely of its foundation.

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I, too, remember this day well. I was a freshman in high school at Higginsville C-1 High School. That tornado went through town, turned around and came back through. We were taken to the basement twice that day during the tornado warnings. Every window of every car in the high school parking lot was blown out.

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The roof of the bank downtown was lifted, turned and set back down on top of the building. Huge trees and power lines littered the streets.

Escape From Ruskin Heights

I remember the painstaking care our school bus driver at the time was taking to try to get our bus through town to pick up students at the junior high school that afternoon to take us all home. It was a nerve-wrecking ordeal for her and it took several hours to get out of town. The sound of the tornado is one I will never forget, nor the images of the damage I witnessed first hand that day. Hey Capt. Thank You! I was surprised at the time you said the twister hit P Hill, cause I always remembered it being earlier in the day.. Anyway I was in third grade, and we were the senior grade of the brand new primary school K-3 which you didn't mention in your recollection, however it was hit very hard by that twister. It was Crazy Scary. When we came up we were all so confused.. But thanks to the city planners and the building engineers and the early warning system we were all unharmed! May 4, , I resided and worked in Sedalia. I did not work that day, and had called "home" to let mom and dad know I would be there for dinner.

Fortunately for me, the tornado warning system had sounded just as I ended the phone call, for the path I would have been driving was in the immediate path of the oncoming tornado. I had gone to the hospital to use the payphones to call home. Upon exiting the phone booth, the pre-storm silence caught me, and looking out the front door, saw an eerie green.

Then I became aware of the sirens. I went to the basement of the hospital, where the department of my workplace was. Being in the basement, no one had yet heard the sirens, and no announcement had been made on the intercom. Thus, when I volunteered, everyone thought I was kidding around. When I finally convinced them of the event, everyone moved.

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  • Ruskin Heights Tornado of May 20 1957.

Later, after the tornado, I volunteered with the Civil Defense over the next several days.