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The Memorandum lays the foundation for further cooperation in the field of occupational health and safety.

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The risk of suffering an occupational accident in trade and industry and in the public sector fell once again last year. This can be seen from the accounts and statistics of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions. Industry 4. This offers new opportunities but also new challenges for workplace safety and health. Dr Tim Eckmanns of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin talks about proper and sustainable ways to use antibiotics to prevent undesirable unintended outcomes. European Space Agency approves record budget Germany is now the largest contributor to the agency's biggest ever budget.

Germany's average temperature has risen 1.

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A new report has revealed the extent to which Germany has already been affected by climate change. Temperatures have risen markedly in the past five years and it is expected to get worse. How to weigh a neutrino Countless neutrinos are zipping around the cosmos - and through us - all the time. An experiment in Karlsruhe is working to establish the mass of this ubiquitous elementary particle. Flight shame: Climate-conscious migrants face environmental dilemma As activists such as Greta Thunberg boycott flying and airlines come under fire for carbon emissions, diaspora communities grapple with the choice between stepping on a plane and cutting physical family ties.

Dental phobia - The expert's view In Good Shape talks to dentist Stephan Ziegler about oral hygiene, the causes of dental phobia and how it can be managed.

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STIs on the rise in Germany, but testing still hard to come by Sexually transmitted infections STIs are making a comeback across the country after years of low rates. But unlike in many other countries, most people face obstacles if they want to be tested without showing symptoms.

Security Check: Biometrics vs Passwords Traditional passwords are easy to crack because people rarely adhere to password security measures. The security of biometric methods depends on the quality of the sensors and the manner in which the data is saved.

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Walking on two legs - 12 million years ago Researchers at a German university say they've found fossils that challenge how we think about human evolution. The bones found in southern Germany come from a primate that they believe walked upright millions of years earlier than previously thought possible. Differences in personality: What psychiatrists can learn from mice to treat depression Scientists have developed a new way for measuring the personalities of animals. So why should we humans care?

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In relation to the conditions of employment of the. This includes getting status information and changing settings of control methods as well. Worker participation - Greece. It sounds like an adventure holiday in the Caribbean: Geology student Vanessa Skiba 24 and biology student Oliver Voigt 27 did research off the coast of Panama for two months. This includes cooperation with the authorities: the works council has to support their work.

Because understanding personality traits is key for more individualized therapies in psychiatry. Germany: Health apps to be available on prescription Patients in Germany will be prescribed health apps starting in , the German parliament announced on Thursday.

follow site Process for the drying of baten material 5 during its pressurised vapour treatment in an autoclave. Its message to patients is that here, at this surgery, they will be treated as individuals and benefit from personal care and attention. It has proposed a number of practical measures to make remittances easier, to enhance the role of diasporas in the Member. The drafts received are version 2. With regard its assignment, on 25 February , the Minister of the.

Our investors are periodically informed in detail throughout the lifetime of the corresponding investment company in all fund-related, economic and tax questions by means of the annual financial statements, the.

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Thought for being used with the maximum semplicity, the packet puts to our disposal eight different precalculated effects: the first one, Tunnel, generates a. Light, the third, creates luminous beams whose colouration changes in function of the choosed texture; the fourth one, Atmosphere, wheel the image following a cyclical path; the fifth, Sphere, is similar to the previous one, but it adds a spherical element in the center of the screen; sixth, Floor, as the name suggests, visualizes a ''plan'' with textured ceilings and floors; Water, the seventh, creates some kind of ''raining effect'' generating small puddles on the screen, and the last one, Rotazoom, wheel and magnifies the image causing, at the same time, a ''lenghtening'' on the axis.

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