COMPLETELY TAKEN (Five Rough and Reluctant Erotica Stories)

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The comma is correct. It introduces a subordinate clause, as well as indicating a pause in speech. I simply said I felt it distorted the very good comparison you were making.

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Which I do. I can make an excuse because English is my second language, but hey, blogging also needs good grammar to make it effective! Interesting article. It is redundant since explain is already describe about? While I can understand the occasional typo, the examples you cite here are irksome. Even in my own vigilance and awareness, one slips past me now and again. Picking a figure out of the air, it seems that about 80 per cent of Internet marketers get it wrong every time. Well I want to say that this post is really informative, but suggest you to write some thing about pronunciation, and Punctuation. Yes, the peek and peak errors are prevalent and annoying, but the one that really annoys me is using either of those words when what is meant is pique. I so thoroughly enjoyed this post! It used to drive us crazy. All hail hale…haha, which is it?

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I love to use instinct to filter the mistakes, the more we write, the better our writing will be. It was taught to us back in college but it gets me everytime… Lols! Or is it neither? If one was a writer or if one were a blogger? Sorry for being confused. I have ran into several of these mistakes as a blogger. I am glad some one addressed the problem finally. I believe now i shoud be able to think it through better than before. You, sir, have some good points. Yet, the dangling participle is much less of a problem than one would surmise from this post.

Because people do this all the time. And quite simply, there is no confusion as to the meaning. The examples provided above show that the technical grammatical meaning is ludicrous and we would not take that as the actual meaning.

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The other errors amount to spelling errors, which are easily detected and labeled as a lack of education or care on the part of the author. Good advice and thanks for the last paragraph. Thank goodness for Google!

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It sounds like they are talking about you instead of to you. Thank you!!! Which has led me to always be the office proofreader.

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They say if you teach a man to fish… Still working on that one. Thanks for the post. That is precisely my story. I never learned the proper rules of grammar, but I can catch errors quickly and efficiently. I did learn the rules of grammar — Latin grammar. Well I was using some bad grammer it seems, and I thaught my English is above average. Thanks for enlightening me. I, too, learned my grammar and writing abilities by becoming an avid reader as soon as I could handle chapter books!

That said, you missed one. If I am not sure about the correct grammar I will do a search for it. There are online dictionairies a plenty! Great points!! These are definitely the most common grammar mistakes I see. My favorite is when someone is trying to write a convincing argument against someone else and their text is riddled with errors. Your nuts. Hope I can remember it always.

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I love it! Did something change or am I confused? Maybe this has been covered already but there are so many listings here I may have missed it. Also, any takes on either vs. Love this post!

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My sense of right and wrong writing has come from my voracious reading habit. If anyone asks me what a verb is, I actually have to look it up in the dictionary. I really look forward to our working together. I really look forward to us working together. It shows me that the person really looks forward to how we work together as a team. I am hoping I have found a place to get some grammatical help…. If on tomorrow is correct please explain to me. But in the grand scheme of things, since so few of these people know the difference, nobody cares. Brian, After reading this, I checked over my latest blog post to find several Dangling Participles!

My old English teacher would have made me sit in the corner for such a grave error. I say keeping it to five is very hard, nigh impossible. The list could include almost every word with same pronunciation and different spelling.

By the way, did I use the double and single quotes properly? I find that this creeps up nearly daily in some post somewhere in my daily internet travels. O, and I paid attention. It is a sad state of affairs for the English language when most University students cannot differentiate between a possessive word and a contraction. Am I just being a snob? What do you do, if anything, in situations like this?

There is no such thing as FOR free. Sometimes I feel all those high marks I received in English class have clearly gone out the window. I know I make mistakes on a regular basis. I need an editor…. Poor spelling and grammar shows that people have never read a book in their lives. Many modern university students make these mistakes, as universities are no longer hubs of knowledge. Wrong : One of my friend, one of his colleague Correct : One of my friends, one of his colleagues. Americanisms from English people in their writing drives me crackers.

Reading emails from my ex-pat friends does not stir this emotion in me at all. Now that I am back in the UK, when one of my English colleagues writes to me that they have a sales inquiry oh, I can feel the hairs on my neck coming up already. Far be it for me to criticise or is that criticize? I found this excellent series from Bristol University in the UK. It has very easy to follow exercises and focusses on the basics. Nice post.

It also seems to be one of the most common mistakes people make when writing. If we said or wrote George and me, or me and George, we would have gotten a smack on the side of the head. We had to put the names of the other people first and then add I.