A World too Small

No City Is Too Small for God
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You were sifted from the dust that is situated around you and ignited from the flames of love, just like everyone else. But you still need to explore because you will only feel as small as the space you keep yourself in. If the space you hide in is as large as your bedroom, then you need to explore. Take weekend trips.

You can go miles just to see something new.

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Take evening excursions. Sleep under the stars.

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Swim in the lakes at night. Even if you do it alone, the earth will start to seem a little less like a stranger. Maybe you already have. Do something that makes you cringe, makes you nervous, makes you rethink everything you ever knew.

Change brings people closer, not farther, because it forces us to learn how to adapt. Take time to do something different.

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So when the world feels too small, make it a little closer for you. The more you reach out to others, the closer every other country, state, city, and stranger start to feel. What are you even talking about OP? Seamus View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by DaBa :.

Originally posted by Seamus :. Otachi-nz View Profile View Posts. It takes a bit of time to make a game like this the areas are fine. Originally posted by SChrisu :.

If anything, the maps in older games feel incredibly small. MHW location design is fine for what the game is trying to accomplish, if anything some locales just feel unnecessarily big. If anything I'd say World has a much better area variety, with things like coral highlands and rotten vale hardly resemblind anything from previous titles.

Young Titans: A World Too Small

Genesis View Profile View Posts. If someone never played at least one previous mh I can see why you would think that. Lemme tell you this is the first game without instanced region maps. You can freely change the locations on your current map without a loading screen.

It really is a small world we live in

In previous games you had loading screens everywhere after transition to the next field. That is a huge improvement. While the total size may be similar I only played FU and a lil bit 4U. Worlds maps have ofc far more details,are beautful, full of eco systems and kinda large. There really should be another map here but I don't really see the need.

They should make the new icemap useful for endgame.

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Lost Taking myself away. Straight on out of here. And I'm one. There's nothing left to say. The world's too small. I haven't got the nerve. So I say hello. Can you. On my first weekend in New York, who do you think sat across from me at brunch​? That's right -- my first love's current girlfriend. FYI: I'm from.

You won't really see it much again after the story which is a waste. A sad waste. Because it looks awesome. If they were bigger, they would have to give us a horse or let us ride a jagra or something, wouldn't be a bad idea for next MH game. Originally posted by Syllo C :.

IMO the maps are of a fine size. It's true that you do explore them pretty fast, but they're intended to be sets of arenas, not an open world you keep constantly exploring. You get used to the zones and figure out all the cool intricacies. Also, I would like to say that you haven't fully explored the maps, I'm not sure I have either. There's so many tiny areas tucked away with rare gathering points that it'd take a while to truly see everything. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 12 Oct pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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