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Set is in very good condition showing minor wear and toning.

All items in very good or better condition. Dimensions: Largest: 7" x 18" x 8". Lot consists of: A Pattern olive green flannel shirt. Shirt has some scattered mothing. B Enlisted olive wool corduroy mounted jodhpur style trousers with period correct suspenders.

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C 's era officer's summer tunic and jodhpur style trousers. D Pattern officer's khaki wool cavalry service uniform and jodhpur trousers. Collar is embroidered with yellow crossed sabers and "U. Retains World War I period officer's leather with over the shoulder strap and sliding saber attachment. This belt is also known as a "Sam Browne.

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Included is a matching long wool skirt and horizon blue wool garrison cap with medical insignia pinned on one side. Uniform is in very good condition showing minor wear and fading. Lot consists of : M1 Helmet, swivel bale, front seam, shell is overpainted, Capac liner.


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Liner webbing in very good condition, exterior shows paint wear. Unused condition showing storage wear only: Uniform with tunic dated with Marine Raider patch on left sleeve, corporal chevrons and one service chevron. Trousers dated and two garrison caps. Contains three 30 round magazines in excellent condition: Web Belt with. Scabbard shows minor dents and scratches: Camouflage poncho dated , soft and pliable but shows period repairs and a few holes: Two USMC blankets showing wear: USMC Canteen set with third pattern cover and black enamel canteen dated Accompanying the lot is a cotton Japanese flag, wrench displaying kanji on one side and a piece of shrapnel.

The patch is faded and does not clearly present the blue sky and white clouds. Jacket is size 38 and the leather is dry with light crazing, and some white aging. Lining has separated near the back of the neck about 13 inches and there is a rip above the makers tag. Leather name tag is correct for the period and machine sewn through the lining. Waistband is damaged for inches on the lower right front. Front zipper and pocket snaps are functional. A unique opportunity to own an attributed B-2 jacket to a famous bomber unit.

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Both have been dry cleaned and still creased. Lot consists of: Group identified to Corporal Jack A. Sheridan, 5th Amphibious Corps who served on Iwo Jima.

All material is in very good or better condition, the visor cap missing its sweatband. USMC dress uniform with tunic dated , left shoulder displays a white discharge diamond, both sleeves with sergeant chevrons. Trousers dated White leather belt with rectangular brass buckle. The tunic is in excellent condition, trousers display some small scattered holes, visor cap with crazing to the leather visor and partially detached sweatband.

Tunic interior dated Shoulder straps exhibit a matching pair of theater made, screw back, First Marine Division enameled crests. Matching skirt, also named.

Cloth cover visor cap. Pair of issue shoes dated Khaki cotton shirt. Material is in excellent condition showing minor wear. Grip displays triple wire wrap over white ray skin. Blade is in excellent condition with full luster, tight grip wire and wrap, seam on the leather scabbard is split. Excellent condition. Revenue Cutter Service officer's sword belt in excellent condition. Tunic and trousers are in excellent condition, the caps visor showing crazing and has a detached leather sweatband.

G US Navy white cotton jumper. I White cotton tunic with three open pocket front and composition buttons. Dimensions: Largest: 39" x 5" x 5". This group is identified to Sergeant Florence A. A partial list includes: Four seersucker jackets and skirts, cotton overalls with USMC contract tag, two white cotton jackets and skirts, two green wool jackets and skirts, wool overcoat, five cotton shirts, ties, dark green cap, light green cap, light green "Daisy Mae" cap, dark green "Daisy Mae" cap, five garrison caps ,two pairs of boxed service shoes, khaki duffel bag, hat and collar insignia, sweetheart pins, dog tags, large photograph album containing a few hundred photographs pertaining to her Marine service, loose photographs , clippings, post cards, greeting cards, notebooks pertaining to her training, maps, newspapers, manuals, Marine Corps bulletins, Leatherneck magazines , her service diary with hand written notes and photographs pertaining to her service, United States Marines Quantico felt pennant.

Most of her uniform material exhibits embroidered name tags reading " Florence A. This is an extensive and complete group chronicling one woman's service in the Marine Corps during World War II which contains literally hundreds of items. Left breast with four ribbon bars and crimp brooch Bronze Star named on the reverse "Lilian F. All are in very good or better condition showing a few scattered holes and moderate wear.

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All in excellent condition. In very good condition with areas of moderate wear. This lot consists of: A Named th Infantry Officer's Tunic, left sleeve with theater made th Infantry patch, right sleeve with 99th Infantry Battalion patch, bullion lieutenant rank insignia, infantry and "US" collar insignia. Theater made bullion combat infantry badge and ribbon bar on left breast.

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Very good condition showing minor wear. Group consists of: Tunic with Second Army patch on left shoulder, tank destroyer patch and Belgian fourragere on right shoulder. Matching pair of th Tank Destroyer crests, tank destroyer and "US" collar disks on lapels. Good conduct, campaign medals, ribbon bars and rifle sharpshooter badge on left breast: Original and copy paperwork pertaining to Walker's service, General Order relating to Walker receiving the Purple Heart, copies of photographs taken by Walker in Europe, copy of th Tank Destroyer Battalion unit history and cloth map of Europe.

Included is a garrison cap with th crest, necktie and shirt. Named on the interior "Merchant". Included are a pair of "pink' trousers.

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Both pieces in very good condition showing a few minor holes and wear. D Officer's four pocket tunic with 15 ribbon set on left breast. Included is a pair of "pink" trousers. Both pieces are in very good condition showing minor wear. Double breasted black wool jacket with satin lapel facings, velvet cuffs with direct embroidered oakleaves. Forearms display five silver bullion stars, eagle button front. Shoulders exhibit gold shoulder knots with Corps of Engineer buttons.

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Jacket is in excellent condition. Consists of: Mess dress officer's jacket with bullion cuff facings and Colonel's rank insignia, with matching trousers dated This group pertains to Lieutenant George Weaver who served in the U. A partial lists includes: "Ike" jacket with Second Army patch and cord service ribbons reflecting service during World War II and during the Korean War, four-pocket officer's jacket also with Second Army patch and ribbons, four pairs of wool trousers, eight khaki cotton shirts, five green wool shirts, pull-over rain parka, three M43 field jacket hoods, wool scarf, lined over coat, HBT jacket, duffel bag, gloves, officer's garrison caps, green wool visor cap missing eagle insignia, khaki visor cap also missing its eagle insignia, loose rank insignia and DUI's, Engineer Field Manual dated , Officers Guide dated , History of the 24th Division during the Korean War, grey wool military school - Alabama Polytectic Institute now Auburn University uniform and cap, and captured North Korean binoculars in leather case.

Accompanied by a US Army wood trunk with Weavers name stenciled on it. Lot consists of: HBT fatigue jacket with stenciled sergeant chevrons, dated , excellent condition: Two pairs of cotton fatigue trousers dated , one in excellent condition: Three HBT fatigue jackets one dated , two in excellent condition: US Army reversible ski parka, missing fur trim: M Field Jacket dated , shows minor wear but exhibits some staining: Cold weather parka and removable lining: Five tan cotton shirts: OD cotton shirt: OD trousers dated Officer's trench coat: 's USAF zip front Military Airlift Command jacket: Officer's visor cap with damaged visor: 's field grade officer's visor cap: 's enlisted visor cap: Reproduction WWII jump jacket and trousers.

Unless noted, all are in very good condition showing moderate service wear.